created by

Alexey Orlov
The LexiMount was designed to be the most stable and dynamic third person mount pole to utilize 360° cameras on the market. Developed with Formula Drift Champion Matt Field, the LexiMount has been through drift hell and made it out without a scratch.

Rent or Own

The LexiMount is offered as a service and a product. Learn how to use it yourself or hire a professional for the day so you can focus on not binning your car.

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Rental Service - Available Now

  • 10 hours of LexiMount use
  • Includes operator
  • Does not include editing

Pre-Order to Own

  • Pending 10 minimum sales
  • Does not include operator


The LexiMount is a mechanically based machine that relies on g-forces to propel the camera in the opposite direction exhibited by the vehicle. It does so without the use of motors. By not relying on IMUs or GPSs it is able to consistently tuck in and shadow behind the direction that the vehicle is moving in. In high pressure scenarios like riding the wall at Formula Drift Irwindale this consistency is the key to providing a reliable, non hazardous tool.

The LexiMount is equipped with a quad 6” suction cup base to provide a wide surface area base and over 200lbs of suction force. The rubber cups also isolate high frequency vibrations from the engine.

The suction cups can be adjusted to match the unique concavity of your rear windshield, trunk or roof.

For ideal weight distribution, the pivot bearing is tilt adjustable. It’s designed to counter the angle of your windshield so that the pivot point is sitting flat. Additional friction arm supports are installed to keep high load flexing to a minimum.

Shock absorbers are length and angle adjustable so you can dial in how much motion your camera will convey.

The pole angle is adjustable so you can dial in how far above the vehicle your camera will sit.

The ultra light weight and stiff carbon fiber pole is sold in several lengths. Pick the one that suits your car the best. Ideally the camera sits at least 3½ feet off the rear bumper.

The counter weight is adjustable. Remove or add weights based on how aggressively you want the camera to swing left and right. 60/40 weight distribution is ideal for most circumstances grip and drift. If you want less movement you can change the distribution to 50/50. 40/60 is not recommended due to elongating your vehicle's footprint on the road or track.